Ghost Corps revolves around its superpowered personnel, but they're not alone. Purgatory is staffed by far more humans than superhumans, out of necessity. Every single employee has been thoroughly vetted and possesses top secret clearance to be able to work as part of Ghost Corps. Employees are also scanned for any indication of superpowers, either active or latent; none can slip by this scan, and no supers are allowed to fill any of these positions.

Prison Guards: are employed at USP Haven, located above Purgatory. They do not have access to anything related to Ghost Corps, but they also don't ask questions. Not available to be played. Handlers: described in more detail here. There are three per team, and a total of 24 at Purgatory. Though they might not be at the facility at all hours, they are always considered as being on-call.
Security Guards: a facility like Purgatory requires round-the-clock security monitoring. These individuals are specially trained to take on the supers in their charge--with the aid of technology, of course. Their strength comes in weaponry and numbers, and the hope that the supers don't lead an organized breakout attempt. Guards at Purgatory are paid extra for their silence and the hazardous nature of their duty. It is equally important for them to keep intruders out as it is to keep the agents in.
Medical Staff: Healing specialty supers can handle most injuries, but they can't always. Maybe there are more casualties than they can handle, or something goes beyond the scope of their abilities. Whatever the reason, Purgatory has its own clinic and it is staffed by human professionals. They are also responsible for handling human and non-essential medical issues.
Damage Control Specialists: In the course of their missions, supers can cause any amount of collateral damage, and may be identified by locals, as well. It is the responsibility of the Damage Control Specialists to clean up these messes, whether PR or a literal mess, either in person or by sending whatever other professionals are necessary. Some of these may be handler hopefuls, meaning that they one day want to be "promoted" to handler status. There is always at least one DCS on shift at all hours.
Miscellaneous: Mess hall workers, janitors, and all other staff a facility this size would need. All must be able to pass the necessary background checks, and will be compensated accordingly.
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